To emphasize cross-disciplinary applications and real-time problem-solving skills, our program offers an eight-week-long mentored practicum in a professional IMHS-related environment or public health field.

Students are given a folder in the Fall semester with detailed information on the practicum requirements and guidelines. Further guidance is provided at dedicated meetings throughout the academic year to help students prepare for the practicum.

The practicum should contribute to the student’s knowledge of CIM or public health at the clinical, basic science, educational, regulatory and/or public policy levels. 

A practicum is not a job, but an opportunity to learn and use practical real-world skills. It is also a responsibility: Students serve as ambassadors of the IMHS program, and their performance affects opportunities and expectations for future students. Students are expected to conduct themselves professionally at all times during their internship.


Students register for this course (IMHS 7951) in February-March to start the practicum during the summer session. 

Full-time students are required to successfully complete their two semesters of coursework before starting the practicum. 

Part-time students are advised to consult with the program directors before engaging in any discussions with the practicum site.


The mentor and student should agree upon the precise start and end dates of the practicum. The practicum can begin at any time after the end of the Spring semester, which is usually wrapped up by mid-May. Students accepted to medical school with classes starting in July or August must schedule the start of their practicum in mid-May so they will have time to complete the eight-week training course.

Practicum Placements

The practicum has offered diverse experiences and has included a wide range of positions at Georgetown University and other local and national academic institutions, at federal agencies, and in the nonprofit public sector. Over the years, students have worked at international agencies as well as in clinics and laboratories in India, the United Kingdom, China, Germany and Russia, engaging in eye-opening, innovative and cutting-edge projects in the IMHS field.

This is a growing list of some of the institutions and organizations where our students have worked:

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