Hear from our alumni and what they are up to now!

One of the best ways to learn about our program is through the testimonies and stories of our students and alums. The alumni profiles below give an insider’s view of career paths after Georgetown, diversity, and academic excellence.

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The Master of Science in Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences (IMHS) was previously called Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). There will be references to CAM in the alumni profiles.

Chenin Ryan

“I have decided to attend the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth starting August of 2019! As a future physician, I plan on serving within the Indian Health Service and continue advocating for indigenous issues.”

Orrianne Morrison

“As a research fellow in the Division of Viral Products at the Food and Drug Administration, I contribute to HIV structural studies. These studies focus on mutations within the viral envelope, which facilitates viral entry into host cells.” 

Adeeb Barqawi

“Each wire making up the cage itself represents an obstacle, but there is a wired door that can be opened to free the bird. The door represents educational and health care inequalities that can be overcome. I believe that lending a hand to disadvantaged children ⎯ to make them believe that the door is open, and the impossible is possible ⎯ is something I have committed myself to.”

Daniel Bral

“There is a lot going on at that age that needs to be attended to and medical professionals should be cognizant of it. Puberty, for example, is a huge thing that we can’t overlook. It’s a hard experience and teens are already going through a difficult point in their lives with battling cancer.”

Tayler Jackson

“What I learned through the CAM program completely changed my outlook on heath care. The CAM program gave me the background knowledge that I need in order to fulfill my life goals. The extraordinary graduate level science courses made me a better competitor when I applied to dental school.”

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