Degree Plan

The following is an example of a master’s program course schedule for full-time students starting in the Fall. Part-time students may register for fewer than 12 credits per fall and spring semester. Students typically complete the master’s program in 3 semesters as a full-time student.

Our program charges a full-time, per-semester flat rate for students taking 12 credits or more in a semester, and a part-time, per-credit rate for students taking fewer than 12 credits.

Fall Semester

Course NameCredit(s)
BCHB 5001: Biochemistry & Cellular Sciences2
IMHS 6520: Mind-Body Medicine Skills*1
IMHS 6525: Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine2
IMHS 6600: Survey of Complementary and Integrative Medical Systems & Therapies4
IMHS 7003: Seminars in Integrative Medicine & Health Sciences0.5
PHSL 6501: Fundamentals of Human Physiology5
PHAR 5000: Introduction of Pharmacology1
15.5 Credits

*International students must take IMHS 6520-02 (section 2).

Students pay the per semester flat rate (new window).

Spring Semester

Course NameCredit(s)
IMHS 6504: Introduction Experimental Design & Data Analysis3
IMHS 6521: Assessing Evidence in CIM2
IMHS 6523: Integrative Nutrition & Botanicals4
IMHS 6531: Physiologic Basis of Mind-Body Medicine2
IMHS 6604: Critical Readings in Integrative Medicine and Biosciences1
IMHS 6607: CIM Therapies in Pathophysiological States2
IMHS 7004: Seminars in Integrative Medicine & Health Sciences 0.5
16.5 Credits

Students pay the per semester flat rate (new window).

Summer Semester

Course NameCredit(s)
IMHS 6533: Integrative Medicine & Health Sciences Field Practicum
Full/Special Session
3 Credits

Students pay the per credit rate.